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New Slim Line Sneeze Guards and Sneeze Guard Posts

The New Slim Line Sneeze Guard Posts from Quality Sneeze Guards offer a slimmer and sleeker look and feel over our standard sized sneeze guards.

The New Slim Line posts are available come in 1″ stainless steel diameter tubes and are available on most sneeze guard models.

And what’s more, the new Slim Line Sneeze Guards are 20% less than the standard 1 1/2″ posts.

Now, that’s something to get excited about!

To order or for more information, contact Quality Sneeze Guards or visit  one of the product pages below!

Sneeze Guards Available In Our Slim Line 1″ post size:

Pass-Over 45 degree Sneeze Guard

Top Shelf Sneeze Guard

Self-Serve Sneeze Guard

Glass Partition Posts

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A Good Mentor Can Help Limit Uncertainty

Being an entrepreneur is one of those few jobs where your path is not charted out for you. No one cares about your past experience, no one will hold your hand when things get difficult and no one will sugar coat their belief in your potential failure.

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How Small Companies Can Innovate Like Big Enterprises

When it comes to business, speed is a weapon that separates certain organizations from the competition — but, its speed can also be harmful if not handled correctly. In the age of digital innovation and transformation, small companies have burst out of the gate to disrupt traditional business molds.

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How to Set Fees as a Consultant Freelancer

To survive as a consultant in any industry, you need to charge fees that will enable you to stay in business; at the same time, both you and your clients need to feel that your fees are fair and equitable. So how do you find the middle ground that seems fair to everyone involved?

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Ways to Motivate Individuals to Become a Winning Team

In sports, we often talk about athletes who “want it” more than others. These are the players who show up early, who use up every last ounce of energy in pursuit of their best performance. Players for whom defeat is viscerally painful, the ones who will stop at nothing to succeed.

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