Covid19 and Sneeze Guards

Covid19 and Sneeze Guards

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COVID-19 Sneeze Guards By Hardware Specialties

COVID-19 Sneeze Guards By Hardware Specialties manufactures custom sneeze guards with all your required specifications in mind. Our custom sneeze shield services ensure businesses in the food and beverage, hospitality and the health care industries can take advantage of durable, full-coverage sneeze guards. With both plexiglass and regular glass sneeze shields available, you can customize any option to fit your counter’s existing setup.

Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for Pandemics

Proper planning allows employers to better protect their employees and lessen the impact of a pandemic.
Occupational safety and health professionals use a framework called the “hierarchy of controls” to select ways of dealing with workplace hazards. The hierarchy of controls prioritizes intervention strategies based on the premise that the best way to control a hazard is to systematically remove it from the workplace, rather than relying on employees to reduce their exposure. In the setting of a pandemic, this hierarchy should be used in concert with current public health recommendations.
Along with administrative controls and public health measures “…during a pandemic, engineering controls may be effective in reducing exposure to some sources of pandemic influenza and not others. For example, installing sneeze guards between customers and employees would provide a barrier to transmission. The use of barrier protections, such as sneeze guards, is common practice for both infection control and industrial hygiene.”

COVID-19 Sneeze Guards &
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